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Pink Powder

Vanessa Recalde

I became inspired to run and keep on running once I knew what the body and mind was capable of accomplishing especially when adversities and challenges presented themselves. I have been coping with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for quite some time. Training for races takes a toll on the body as it is but when you're dealing with chronic illnesses, recovery becomes even more challenging. It is painful and becomes discouraging. But hearing other fibrowarrior's stories only strengthened my will and desire to keep conquering step after step, mile after mile.

What motivates you?: Representing those who can't became my motivation. When I decided to take on my 1st marathon, my mom was taking on her fight with brain cancer. Caring for her while in hospice care consumed me physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I thought about stopping a few times. But in her battle, she inspired me and gave me motivation. She reminded me that I could and that I needed to be grateful for that gift. So in every step that I took moving forward, I decided I was doing it for those who couldn't.

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