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  • What is your shop policy?
    You can learn more about our shop policy here.
  • How do I become a team Ambassador?
    Becoming a Latinas Run Ambassador is a 2 year commitment. Please make sure to join a local group prior to applying. Clear here to apply
  • Are there any national meetups?
    Yes! Make sure to join our national Facebook Group Page to see upcoming national events.
  • Where can I buy Latinas Run gear?
    Latinas Run Shop has a full stock of Men's and Women's clothing and accessories year-round. We also do pre-sale on certain items a few times a year.
  • Is there a mix gender group?
    Yes, Latinas Run has a sister group Latinos Run which focuses on women and women identifying runners only.
  • How can I start a Latinas Run chapter in my area?
    Latinas Run is committed to having safe spaces in communities across the country. Want to start a group in your area? Click here to apply. Latinas Run limits the amount of groups per year.
  • How do I join Latinas Run
    Becoming a member in Latinas Run is easy! Simply click join to final a local chapter and join their Facebook Group. Each Facebook Group page connects you with local runners in your area.
  • Is there a fee to join?
    Latinas Run believes that running should be accessable to everyone. We do not charge any membership fee to be a part of our community.
  • What is Latinas Run?
    Latinas Run is a national organization that promotes running as way to improve physical and mental health of the Latino community. Check our about page to learn more.
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