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Top Reasons to Join a Running Club

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Joining a running group can turn out to be the best thing for you and even life changing.

Running is an intrinsic quality to the human being. As soon as we begin to walk, we are ready "sprint", even if it is only a few "centimeters". As our bodies grow, and without receiving any guidelines, we are able to start jogging, maintain a rhythm or even, for the more advanced, increase the intensity. It has several positive impacts on health. The most obvious include muscle toning, burning fat and reducing cholesterol levels; not forgetting that it is an activity that allows you to enjoy green spaces.

Running is the solitary sport par excellence. The tranquility and the challenge of surpassing yourself is shown with a personal act. However, you don't always have to take up this challenge alone. If you're one who always trains alone, then you're certainly not enjoying the full benefits that running brings to the table.

Motivation & Team work

When training with a group and with the guidance of a professional, it makes it easier to stay motivated, which is a very important factor that helps you decide to leave your video game, your favorite program, or to get your lazy self out of the house to run a few miles.

A consolidated group of runners, with a good atmosphere existing between them, can come to function as a real team in which you establish trainings with which everyone improves. No one gets left behind; everyone cheers, encourages, and pushes each other to succeed.

Healthy rivalry & ability to compete

Group running provides an avenue for competition among members, which is an excellent stimulus to try to improve your effort a little more in each weekly training . Wanting to match (or exceed) the best runners that accompany you, will make you challenge and improve yourself, "if they can, so can i." This advantage is especially useful if your goal is to thoroughly prepare for a test, like a marathon.

Furthermore, membership of a running club creates a psychological change which allows you to identify yourself as a "runner", rather than someone who simply "runs." Make the most of the experienced runners you will meet, who can tell you where to find the best masseuse or physiotherapist in the area, where to buy a good running kit and which are the best all-terrain routes.

You learn from others

What you can learn from the experiences of other runners, with whom you also share yours, is one of the main advantages of running in a group. Most running groups have a personal trainer, or an experienced runner who is responsible for directing and coordinating sessions. Their advice can come in handy. To be able to share ideas and experiences with other people who also love running is always enriching.


By joining a club and surrounding yourself with experienced and enthusiastic people, you are more likely to run in the long term, instead of relying solely on your own motivation. By seeing what others who started off like you have accomplished, you will be inspired to keep training.

Develop new friendships with people who share your passion for running and exercising

The demand for work or education and family commitments mean that it can be difficult to meet new people. Running clubs are a great way to meet fellow players with whom you can train, outside of club sessions, which can be particularly useful on those dark winter nights!

It is important to get the group you choose right for your integration to be simple and comfortable from the first departure. Go for a running group that is closer to your workplace, rather than home (depending on their training schedules), find out the running routes they follow, age of the members, common objectives that they can pursue, and, especially, the running level of the group, since it should be similar to yours.

It is ideal for you to encourage yourself to practice running as a group. A change of air wouldn't hurt at all, and a little company could be that plus that your exercise needs to hit a new momentum.

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